Animus Legacy Server

Zombies: Enabled
PvP: Enabled
Grief Protect

Bannable Rules

Do not grief.
Do not steal from other players.
Do not annoy other players.
Do not spam the chat box.
Be polite to all the players on the server, not just the admins and moderators.
Do not use a cracked/hacked Minecraft client.
Do not use client side mods such as flying, speed running, or xray texture packs.
Do not build XP grinders.


No 1X1 towers.
Do not leave floating trees and try to replant as many as you can.
Make structures look nice (no dirt houses, no missing blocks, etc.)
Do not build inside or under someone else’s building.
Do not beg for a ‘cool’ tag or rare blocks, because you won’t get it.
Do not build near spawn town. If you can see spawn town from your building area, you’re probably too close.