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    Good day all,

    We are proud to announce the lovely little hamlet which is Hillside is now officially open! *Applause* We are determined to keep the town growing and we currently have 5 members of the growing Hillside town which we are proud to say we are still looking for more all the time.

    Building the town originally started as a one man team and from here it has grown and flourished in to the town we now today. We know the next step now is to form a nation!

    Currently we are open to all guests who would wish to join this town, we are a friendly folk and all we ask is you following all the servers rules, we also have some town rules which we request you follow or we many choose to banish you from the town! You can see the rules below;

    – Obey all the server rules – we will report any users who are breaking server rules and the staff team can take action from there however in every instance of rule breaking you WILL be banished from the town!

    – The server uses a neat plugin called Lockette which allows you to lock doors and chests, myself as Mayor request access to all parts of the town. As I am a player like yourself I can’t bypass this so I ask any doors can you please issue add myself as Mayor for access to these. This is not a banish-able offence in itself however it is highly recommended. To do this please right click the Lockette sign and issue/paste the following command; /lockette 3 Earthbound94

    – The town hall is for use by everyone however we ask you are respectful to all areas of it including the Mayors office (this room should not be entered without prior permission). If you place any blocks please ensure upon leaving the town hall they are removed and any/all mess is removed.

    – Once you join the town you will be asked to select a building area to build your home, for new members of the town you will only be issued with 1 plot however more experienced members may request multiple plots. We will not enforce these plots by locking certain people in the town to building in certain areas however going over your plot is a banish-able offence.

    – All buildings must look good – we are a nice folk as stated before however we like out lovely town to look splendid so we ask all your buildings look nice and nothing silly, we may remove buildings without prior knowledge if this is the case. Please note we will leave a notice once removed and all materials harvested from demolishing will be placed in a chest(s) in the plot.

    If you can follow these rules then we welcome you to join our town, as towns are expensive to run we ask you donate as much as possible to the town back to enable the towns upkeep. The more funds we receive the more we can grow and the sooner we can become a nation. We will shortly list a towny price list below so all users can see what we have to pay for new areas and features in the town.

    The Mayor of the town is Earthbound94 and if you have any problems leave me a message in game or leave a reply here on the forums!

    Thanks for reading!

    ~ Jack

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    Sounds great!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your town grow.



    We are now proud to announce the funds were raised the town Hillside is now the first and only town currently running!

    We are very much a new town however we have many on going developments and we would like to welcome all new members to join the town! We’d also like to remind you running a town is very expensive so any/all donations of in-game currency are much appreciated to keep the town going.

    Thanks all!
    ~ Jack

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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