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    After being the first player to reach the 45 hour mark on the server I have seen it growing and helped it to progress the best I was able – so after considering this I have decided to make a staff application, here it goes.

    Name / IGN: Jack A. / Earthbound94 (My nickname on the server is Jack so just call me that).

    Age: 18 years old, believe it or not!

    Past Experience: I have known John (TreeGuy95) for a while now, it originally started when I was playing on his home hosted server NNP – ahh the memories. Anyway NNP lasted for a long period of time but after this I was looked around for more servers which I found many and quite quickly before I knew it I had been through 3/4 servers and managed to get staff on each and everyone, only for the server to close shortly after for some silly reason – it was at this point which I started creating servers myself, my first creation StickyPiston which John was involved with and JakeLewisF1. Again many memories from this however StickyPiston was rather successful and ended up running for 1 year and 3 months however it had to close due to lack of time to manage the server, however it was a very successful and it was a shame to see it die out. Following this there was a long gap between not playing Minecraft and when I finally returned playing it I was trying to create something similar to StickyPiston however the market was over flooded with servers and players and it ended up meaning I didn’t have any luck and so I stopped playing Minecraft shortly after and have now returned on Animus Legacy, fun fact Animus is Sumina which was the original name for the server John wanted to create many moons ago.

    How long can you play on the server? Currently I’ve clocked up the required 45 hours and I’m the first player to do this as of yet, I do work however I am available to come on after work most nights if I’m not shattered, weekends you will also see me online however I spend some nights with my other half so to speak – I couldn’t confirm exactly when I can come on however I will be as dedicated as I can and I have multiple methods of contact outside the server should anyone needs to reach me.

    How can we contact you? Very easily – I have listed some methods of contacting me below this is available to all players and server staff should it be required;
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/biggiewiggy
    Skype: jack-astbury
    Phone/Text: +447519241941 (I have an iPhone so iMessage should work off that however my email address is also linked to it – jackastbury1998@outlook.com)
    Telegram: +447519241941 / @JackAstbury
    Twitter: @JackAstbury15 (I’m not really a fan of it but its there should you need it)
    Steam: Charityz2
    E-Mail: jackastbury1998@outlook.com / jackastbury2014@outlook.com

    Don’t ever say you can’t get in contact with me because I won’t believe it!

    Why do you think you should become staff? This was something I thought about before I had even decided to make the staff application, I would like to become staff because I think I could really help out on the server, by putting in time and getting along with the players I think I can help build the server up and make a strong player base. At the end of the day players on the server are more important than the staff so its important to have staff with the right values/morals to ensure the players can have a fun and enjoyable time on the server. I feel that I can bring that to the server and I will do my best to help out, for those of you on the server already you’ll know I do try and help out as much as I can whenever I can!

    Anything Extra: As mentioned earlier on I have ran my own server before so working with this bukkit plugins is something which I am used to, on my previous server many of the plugins used are ones used today on Animus (admittedly more advanced but easy enough to understand). I have a full understand of how John wants this server to run and I feel I can help properly enforce the imagine but at the same time I don’t want to be seen at the staff member, I want to be seen as just another player with means of helping out.

    Thanks for reading the application and I look forward to hearing back from you!
    ~ Jack


    Hi Jack,
    I’m pleased to tell you you’ve been accepted onto our staff team. Welcome and congratulations!
    I’ll pm you with the information you’ll need when I get a moment.
    I’ve added you to the staff ranks and you are now a Lookout. I’ve also added you to the server staff Skype group.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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